This business is Closed 02/24/2018

Green friendly house cleaning services in Tucson – Call 520-338-1975

I no longer provide move-in or move out cleaning services. 

House Cleaning for central TucsonI would like to welcome you to House Cleaning Tucson, a custom green friendly house cleaning business, serving metro Tucson and surrounding areas. Custom cleaning requires a cleaning consultation prior to having any work completed. So no I do not give sight unseen bids over the phone.

This approach allows me to understand your specific home and your needs, wants, and desires. This way I can see first hand what needs to be accomplished before I provide a bid for services. And aren’t you and your families home worth the extra time and effort.

Because of this approach House Cleaning Tucson is the highest rated house cleaning provider in Tucson. The business currently holds a perfect 5.0 rating with Google. And isn’t that important to you?

You might be interested to know that I have decades of house and commercial janitorial cleaning experience. This includes industrial, office, small business, food service, warehouse, garages, and house cleaning. And I am currently a one person operation. You will only be dealing with the owner.

My focus has always been on providing quality and reliable green cleaning services. My primary customers are busy professionals, critically ill individuals, and seniors in Tucson who need, want, and desire a clean home.

Previously I have owned a  janitorial service Urban Maintenance Systems as well as another housecleaning service Your Fresh Start. I have also worked in management for other services. I have previously supervised up to 35 cleaning personnel at multiple locations.

Cleaning just comes natural to me. And as a man, this may seem strange to many, but it’s true! The genesis of my cleaning experience began in a gritty Pennsylvania machine shop as a high school student. It was broadened immensely when I moved to Tucson in the mid 70’s.

I have extremely high standards when it comes to providing services (think cleaning the corners here). Being a young senior myself, I am a bit old school, in that I say what I do and do what I say. All services provided are based and bid on a home cleaning consultation.

My desire is to affect positive change for my customers lives. It isn’t uncommon for my work relationship to grow into friendships. So if you are seeking someone who can provide more than just emptying the trash and cleaning the toilets, please do contact me.

My service area covers the greater Tucson metro area. Minimum service fee is $100.00 this covers most small homes and apartments..

Are you ready to experience a professional and dependable housecleaning service in Tucson? For more information please call 520-338-1975 in Tucson or email me.