All About Geri

This is a story about my life partner Geraldine or Geri. She is the love of my life and my whole world revolves around her. Geri is also critically ill with a liver disease. Her doctors gave her 3 months to live back in March of 2012. Amazingly, she made a wonderful recovery but she is still critically ill.

She is always just an illness away from having another life threatening experience. Due to her illness she can not take most pain medication like you or I can. The only pain medicine that she can tolerate are opium based products. I mention this because she has been bed ridden for weeks now with severe pain. The meds side effects have been a real struggle for her as well.

Somehow, she injured her back and then it locked up real good making most movement nearly impossible for her. Unfortunately, she also can not tolerate the small amount of pain meds that she was supplied by her physician. This is not a good situation at all. She tried acupuncture to no avail. Then this week she tried a chiropractor. That provided some relief but her back locked up again ans she is miserable. She can’t eat much and is losing lots of weight that she doesn’t have in ample supply.

In many ways, she is this businesses core demographic, a senior citizens with mobility issues. These are the kinds of people that I have dedicated my life to assist in life and with my business. Unfortunately, life isn’t always fair and bad things happen to good people all the time, and Geri is a very good and wonderful person. I consider myself privileged to have her in my life and to be able to assist her (caregiver) in anyway that I can.

So if you read this, I would like to ask just one thing from you, please pray for Geri!

Update 10/15/2012: Got back a few hours ago from Geri’s second trip to the chiropractor and things are much better for her now. She is able to sit up in bed for prolonged periods of time. And she was able to eat a fair amount for dinner. This is a really good sign, as she has lost so much weight. Thanks, for any and all prayers and positive energy that has been sent her way.

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