I Don’t Do Luandry

http://zaclaundry.com/?q=content/company-profileAs a house cleaning provider I compete with maid services that’s just a fact of business. And even though laundry services are never mentioned on these pages I still get calls from those desiring this service. So I thought that I would make it official. House Cleaning Tucson does not provide laundry services. In a pinch, I will through in a load to make someone’s day go easier, but I have no interest in folding someone else’s clothes and then putting them away.

House Cleaning Tucson will stick with merely offering green friendly housecleaning services in central Tucson.

What say you?

I also invite you to visit my home page to learn more about House Cleaning Tucson.

Are you ready to experience a professional and dependable housecleaning service in Tucson? For more information please call 520-248-5183 or email me.

House Cleaning Tucson
814 N Belvedere Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85711


What Say You?

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