An Ounce Of Prevention

Would you like to get control of your home and keep it clean and save time in the process? Seems like a silly question I know, but it is very possible to accomplished through prevention. Now, please remember this: I am basically writing for those who don’t have children around the home. unique poppies

House cleaning for many families is about crowd control. Control the children and adult behaviors and your cleaning chores will become much lighter. However, I mainly write for the young professional couples and for seniors. These folks just want to find useful tips to make their lives easier.

So let’s take a look at the old concept of an ounce of prevention. When it comes to home or apartment cleaning an ounce of prevention goes a long way. Let’s say that you are like me and your enjoy actively gardening whenever possible. This holds true even if your garden is just a few hanging baskets on the patio.

Before you start gardening take a moment to think what you are going to need to accomplish your tasks. Now, that you have everything laid out ask yourself this. What are you going to do when you are finished? Are you going to enter your home or apartment and clean your hands in the kitchen or in the bathroom sink? Ask yourself this, what’s wrong with this picture?

Light swith service in TucsonThere is one step that you might have overlooked along the way. When you are re-entering the abode yours hands and feet my have accumulated some excess soil on yours hands and or shoes. And you will likely want to clean them right away by heading to the closest sink. But along your pathway those soiled hands might encounter a door or two and maybe a light switch. You might have deposited some dirt on these surfaces as you headed to the sink. You might have also picked up some leaf litter on your shoes soles that might fall onto your carpet or hardwood floors. These will need cleaned if you were not extra careful.

A good solution is to be prepared to wash and dry your hands outdoors at the water faucet or by simply using your hose.So include a towel along with your tools. For apartment dwellers I suggest taking along a handy-wipe or two. Also remember remove your shoes before entering and you will have less work to do in the long run. So slow down and think things through it will save you time, lots of time.

What say you?

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2 thoughts on “An Ounce Of Prevention

  1. I agree that when gardening, one should not wash his/her hands indoors but outside their apartment. I also think renters should make it a point to clean after themselves after doing every activity.

  2. Great post and what a great house cleaning website that you have here. I am definitely impressed keep up the quality work. If you service matches your website then you company is a winner.

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