All About Geri V 2

This is a post that I personally need to write but don’t really want to accomplish. It has nothing to do with house cleaning or housecleaning tips. No this story is about the love of my life Geri. It is a follow up to my post All About Geri. You see Geraldine is critically ill with a liver disease and more recently she has been dealing with severe pain. It started out as back pain but has morphed into something else.

I just returned from TMC (4:00 AM) where she was admitted due to negative results from her CAT scan. That scan found an unknown mass of tissue. The admitting doctor indicated that things were not likely to be good for Geri.

A day later… Geri is getting that mass biopsied as I am writing. They believe that it is lymphoma. Yes, that’s cancer and it is pressing on the spine. That explains the back, hip, and leg pain. We are sure glad that we went to the emergency room rather than wait for her CAT scan referral through her Medicare provider to be approved and scheduled.

To say that I am distraught, who be an understatement! At this point all that I can do is pray and provide what support that I can muster. All that I know is that I want the love of my life to be happy, healthy, and pain free. All prayers are appreciated.

Update 11/02/2012: We have finally gotten more information about the cancer in Geri’s body. She has Follicular Lymphoma which is mot curable but it is manageable with good long term survival rates. What I have not found out yet is what Stage and what Grade the cancer is at this time.

Stage and Grade will ultimately determine what treatment course will be outlined for her. The best hope is that it will be Stage and Grade 1. We will likely not find this out till Monday. What I know for sure us that this is all new to both of us. As always, we would appreciate any prayers and positive energy that comes our way.



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