Cleaning Services For Critically Ill in Tucson

House Cleaning Tucson vacThis post has special meaning for me as I am also a caregiver. My “honey” Geri has been living with a  liver disease for over three years now. Then most recently, she has developed lymphoma, a word I didn’t know how to even spell correctly a few days ago. As her caregiver I do almost everything around the house. This of course means cleaning.

Now, cleaning isn’t a chore that I have ever dreaded. I grew up in a home with 10 other siblings and yes, I was raised Catholic! Even with 13 people in our home I can never remember the house being dirty or cluttered. A lot of this has to do with we all had our chores to do. I usually got stuck doing the dishes.

So clean comes naturally to me. And because of my caregiver I have special insights into how an illness can make simple chores like cleaning the home extremely difficult task for those with a critical illness. This is specifically why this business, House Cleaning Tucson, specializes in providing services for those whose health has been compromised. I really like the idea of assisting those who can no longer clean their own homes or apartments.

My nature is to be compassionate about many things and helping those with limited mobility makes life worth living for me. I already provide these services in my own home so it only seemed natural that I extend my services to others with compromised health. I also really have no interest in cleaning up after someone else’s kids that could clean for themselves. No, my desire to assist those with physical limitations. So if you have found that you or a family member needs cleaning assistance then please do call 520-777-6479 for a free house cleaning consultation.

What say you?

I also invite you to visit my home page to learn more about House Cleaning Tucson.

Are you ready to experience a professional and dependable housecleaning service in Tucson? For more information please call 520-248-5183 or email me.

House Cleaning Tucson
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2 thoughts on “Cleaning Services For Critically Ill in Tucson

  1. I have been looking for a green friendly house cleaning tips blog and I think I found what I was looking for here. I appreciate that you focus on assisting seniors.

  2. I have found your blog has some interesting house cleaning ideas. Working for the critically ill is a wonderful way to operate your business. Good luck!

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