Floor Cleaning Tip – Remember The Eight Stroke

Gren House Cleaning Tips - Janitorial MopThis may seem like an odd suggestion in a Swifter world, but it works well for cleaning large floors areas that are not covered with carpet. This method can be applied on concrete as well as hard wood floors. It is also a method used by most professionals. If you are doing hard wood floors you will want to use a damp mop method so that the floor dries quickly.

When laying down a floor finish or mopping a large area consider the figure eight method. It requires you simply to mop in the figure 8 configuration and not use a back and forth motion. It makes no difference if you go from right to left or left to right just use  a stroke that sweeps the floor like the number 8. It will also require that you use a quality mop head that can be removed to be cleaned.

The problem is that these are considered janitorial supplies and are not as easily available as they have been in previous years. These may only be available at a cleaning supply store in your area. They also require a mop bucket with a squeegee.  I recently could not find them available at big box stores here in Tucson.Gren House Cleaning Tips - mop bucket

You will find that this is easier on your back, it saves time and does a better job cleaning. If you are putting down floor finish it will set better and look better when dried. Simply start where you would like and then use your mop in a figure 8 configuration. If you are cleaning floors you will want to rinse out your mop often. This will provide a better cleaning experience.

What say you?

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2 thoughts on “Floor Cleaning Tip – Remember The Eight Stroke

  1. What an interesting professional house cleaning tip about floor care that you have provided here. Your professionalism shows!

  2. Nice post, on wood floor i like to use bona is really good, but like you said the floor has to be clean and dry then you apply the wood cleaner.

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