All About Geri V 3 2012

House Cleaning Tucson All About GeriYes, this post has nothing to do with green housecleaning or house cleaning tips. No, This post is about life and more specifically about my life and Geri’s struggle to maintain hers. Geri has been my soul-mate for the last dozen years. And I consider myself fortunate to have her in my life (I pause, as tears stream down my cheeks.) I am a lucky man to have her in my life and I consider it a great honor to be her caregiver.

For a little background for this post you might you might want to read All about Geri V 2. You see, Geri has been dealing with a liver disease since late 2009 which nearly took her life back then on several occasions. Most recently, she has developed Lymphoma which attacked her spine. This would lead to severe pain and hospitalization.

Since then she has completed a series of radiation treatments. After the treatments she developed severe skin blisters both of her hands and arms. This required hospitalization once again and it was a very scarey time spend in the infection control unit. While there they discovered that a steroid that she is taking caused diabetes. This really up the ante as far as my caregiver duties are concerned.

Also the blistering of her hands has made it extremely difficult to use them. This all requires that I assist Geri with her blood sugar testing and administering of the insulin. Since she has limited use of her hands I have to do almost everything around the home like preparing and cooking meals. I am grateful to be able to accomplish these tasks for her.

This makes for a very long day indeed. Now, I am not an early riser by nature and this makes the morning diabetes care more difficult for me simply because I am not working with my A game at this time. This means that I now get up extra early to be awake enough to provide quality care and I’m very ok with this.

This is our story but it is being played out everyday all across this blue planet. Your life is going along just fine then an accident or illness smacks you down seemly from nowhere. Things like house cleaning often take a backseat to simply surviving a difficult stretch of life. This is why I have dedicated my business to assisting good people who can no longer clean their homes. If this is you then please do call and let’s discuss your needs.

I take on only one cleaning job per day. And I schedule these around Geri’s care. If you are like Geri, and illness or age has limited your ability to clean your home then please do give me a call. I would be very interested in assisting you in your home.

What say you?

I also invite you to visit my home page to learn more about House Cleaning Tucson.

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