The First Flowers Since October

2013-02-19_1650I you have been visiting this blog you likely already know that my soul-mate Geri died in December. I have decided to put off writing about House Cleaning and to put my energy into writing about what I am experiencing.

This is why I am writing about my first flowers since October. Flowers were a big part of our life together as I am an organic gardener. Usually most of the flowers came from the garden. However, when Geri became critically ill in 2009 I turned away from gardening to take care of her.

Still we often had flowers around the house. I usually picked them up at Trader Joe’s for $3.99  a bunch. Then Geri became critically ill big time in September. We would later discover that it was cancer. At that time, I closed my 2 businesses to be her sole caregiver.

We were surviving on her disability check and funds left over from the businesses. That’s when Geri declared that there would be no more flowers. I would ask all the time if it was ok to buy flowers for her, but she remained firm. Her insistence broke my heart but I honored her wishes.

Today, I went to Trader Joe’s and purchased the first flowers since October. It was my way of honoring her and doing something that I enjoy. It’s also just another step in Urban’s New Journey.

What say you?

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What Say You?

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