Living Beyond Death Day 7

2013-02-21_2352This post is part of an ongoing series where I reflect on my life as a caregiver for the love of my life Geraldine E Vigna, she died on 12/27/2012. It also includes stories about life after her death and other observations.

Today was a very interesting day for Tucson as the area was under a Blizzard warning. Yes, a blizzard in Tucson. Well, there wasn’t blizzard conditions at my midtown home. But it was cool watching the snow fall anyways.

I was just getting ready to drive down to the 17th Ave Farmers Market and to visit BICAS. I figured the weather reports were going to be wrong again with their forecast but I was wrong. In fact I had heard that the snow would start around 11 AM. And it started snowing in my neighborhood at 11:05!

I figured that I would wait out the snow and do something in the evening. I was going to RSVP for a Meet up group event. Then I discovered that this event was next week. Since I haven’t gotten beyond my apartment walls today I will likely drop by Park Place Mall. Now, I’m not a mall kind a person, but it is close by and it’s something to do. I don’t think that I have been there in 6 years so I will likely see many changes.

To keep myself occupied today I have been updating all of my social media accounts like Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter. I have been doing a lot of blogging as therapy and I wanted to make sure that the posts were updating. I discovered my blog was not automatically updating Facebook. So I will be checking into this.

Well, I did go to the mall in the evening while it was still snowing and the street and mall where both empty. I look at some overpriced pots and pans at Sears and went home. Nothing at all special here to report.

What say you?

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