Living Beyond Death Day 9 Part 1

2013-02-26_1245This post is part of an ongoing series where I reflect on my life as a caregiver for the love of my life Geraldine E Vigna, she died on 12/27/2012. It also includes stories about life after her death and others observations.

Today was such a jammed packed day that I am breaking it up into three different posts. Each post addresses a different aspect of my new journey. The first part deals with letting go of the past. The second post dealing with healing and renewal. The third post is about building new friendships.

After I had the estate sale 2 weeks ago I still had a four crates of art supplies to find a good home for and soon. It was taking up a lot of room in my new apartment and leaving it cluttered. And all the memories wrapped up them were not helping me effectively heal. For me they had become an oozing pile of memories ready to tweak and overwhelm me without notice.

There was also a large amount of tool, beads, and jewelry that also needed to be put into better use quickly. So my plan today was to eliminate much of this clutter by first visiting a local business named Crizmac. Then I move onto the Peace Fair at Reid Park. But first I was going to have breakfast at a place that was Geri and my favorite breakfast and lunch restaurant, Bobo’s on Grant Road.

Unfortunately, I forgot several important pieces of information when I made my breakfast decision. First, it was a Saturday and around 9 am. It would be packed and a quick breakfast wasn’t likely in the cards. I would be lucky to get a counter seat. I also forgot that It was Rodeo time, Golf Tourney time, February (think snowbirds) and Gem Show time.

When I pulled up to Bobo’s I realized that I had overlooked a whole bunch of reasons not to go to Bobo’s for breakfast. But I was thinking with my stomach and not my brain. This is also something that I wouldn’t have done if Geri was here. She would have pointed these things out to me and then ask if that’s really what I wanted to do.

But Geri isn’t my close companion anymore that has my best good in mind, no, I have to do this myself. Or I pay the freight for not attending to the details. I don’t have a wingwoman to watch over me as I had before. And Bobo’s is an example, an excellent example, for a learning experience. I simply will need to learn to think things through better before I make a commitment in the future.

crizmacThat didn’t work out as planned so I headed over to Crizmac which is only a mile or so from where I was. Crizmac is local business that is run by art educators, authors, and tour guides Stevie and Kitty. After I explained my situation Stevie offered to take the art supplies of my hands and provide them to art teachers in her network. Thanks, Stevie for your wonderful act of kindness.

I’m sure Geri is very proud to see her supplies going to teachers that will use them to open young minds to art. This is what I had wanted to make happen for her. I am very proud to play a role in making this happen. This is a great example of a win/win situation and this is something that I work to create whenever possible.

Now, that I had the first phase of my day completed. I would now be entering a more entertaining and spiritual aspects of my day.

Too be continued…

What say you?

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