Living Beyond Death Day 9 Part 2

peace fair tucson 2013This post is part of an ongoing series where I reflect on my life as a caregiver for the love of my life Geraldine E Vigna, she died on 12/27/2012. It also includes stories about life after her death and others observations.

This is Part 2 of Day 9 but to get the most out of this day’s journey you will likely want to start with Life After Death Day 9 Part 1. The morning part of my day was now behind me and now I was off to an annual Tucson Event called The Peace Fair. I have attended these in the past but this was the first time sober. I stopped consuming alcoholic beverages in 2003.

My goal here was to locate one of my Meetup groups The Institute of Shamanic Arts. I wanted to participate in some of their activities and to get to know members better. I also wanted to check out what else was available. I also wanted to dance away my sorrows to the rhythmic beats of music.

I was also attending carrying a backpack that contained a large amount of jewelry that Geri had created. My goal was to use it to barter for services from the vendors or just to give it away. As it turned out there wasn’t any opportunities for bartering but I did give away about a half dozen pieces. This turned out to be a really fun filled task.

I am determined to get Geri’s creations into the hands of people who will use and enjoy her jewelry. It also provides me an opportunity to add to my spiritual bank of blessings. These gifts and the process of giving to others is such a huge gift to myself as well. I am able to bring joy into the lives of others thanks to the skill and efforts of Geraldine. It blesses me to honor her in this way. Again this is another win/win situation and I am a big fan of win/win situations.

I started off my day doing a reading with the ISA group. Now, I have never done a reading before and I was a bit suspect about the process. But the presenter, Eileen, was a very pleasant person and I felt comfortable with her. I had determined that anyone that provided me with a reading or service would be offered jewelry.

So I offered her the opportunity for jewelry. She was kinda blown away by the offer but reached into my bag to see what I had to offer. She appeared to be relieved that I was offering trinkets but beautiful pieces worthy of adorning her body. Her smile was the first of many that Geri’s work would produce along the way this day.

Along the way I encountered many unique individuals Like the man in the TV news. I’m not sure what he was up to other than having a great time. I really enjoyed his free spirit and thinking. It got me thinking outside the box as well. Tv News Tucson Peace Fair 2013

This turned out to be a journey where my random acts of kindness where actually purposeful. I had no idea who I would give these items to but I was pretty sure that it was going to be a tremendous experience. I actually tried to barter with a vendor for a hat but that did come to fruition.

Since the weather had been cold recently I was over dressed for the event as the day turned into afternoon. Since I live fairly close by I returned home for a quick change of clothes and grabbed some lunch.

Upon my return I focused on the music, drumming, and dancing. I had come to dance away my pain and I was determined to accomplish this task. I was using a walking stick as my hip was causing me to experience some chronic pain in that area of my body.

When I was dancing I visualized that I was on a body of water in a canoe. The walking stick was my paddle. I further visualized that as my canoe moved forward I was leaving my pain and sorrows behind. It’s hard to describe how powerful this was for me. All I know is that it was a powerful healing event for me. Sorrow was not going to be my master. I had determined to allow sorrow to become an opportunity to find joy. As I paddled along in dance I truly was leaving my sorrows behind as they disappeared with the wake.

Too be continued…

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