Living Beyond Death Day 10 Part 1

House cleaning Tucson Kickball Tucson 2013This post is part of an ongoing series where I reflect on my life as a caregiver for the love of my life Geraldine E Vigna, she died on 12/27/2012. It also includes stories about my life after her death and others observations.

I have created what I call Urban’s New Journey. The idea here is to get off of my apartment at least once a day and to also get out of my head in the process. I am doing things that I have wanted to do for a long time and as a caregiver I was not able to accomplish.

I am also taking on new topics and activities as a way to meet new people. You see ,Geri was my only friend, as long as I had Geri I didn’t need anyone else. Well, when she died I lost my only friend. So I am making a daily effort to modify this portion of my life. And relationship are being birthed on a regular basis. Then I blog about my experiences so that others might benefit from them. It’s working for me and I hope that it will work for you as well.

Living Beyond Death Day 10 Part 1

Today, I have two very interesting Meetup Groups scheduled both events are outdoors and the weather is cold and windy. The first event was scheduled for 1:00 pm and it was for playing kickball. Playing any game outdoors when the wind chill is in the 30’s isn’t my idea of an ideal situation.

I was strongly considering canceling but I had been on a waiting list and had been moved up to active status thus I felt compelled to show up. There were 50 people committed to show up but eventually only about half did. The group represented a wide swath of the Tucson general public. The ages ran from the early 20’s U of A students to white haired seniors. At 59 I wasn’t the oldest player in the group and I played like I was decades younger. When my ankle turned towards the end of the game I experienced some regret about my zeal… More on this later.

We were split into 2 groups by the 1 2 method and we started playing the game. My team was up first and when the team leader asked for someone to start I quickly went up to the plate. I reasoned they would not be ready and I stood a good chance of getting on base.

My plan was to get to first base and just keep on running. I took this approach when I was a teenager and it worked well. And that’s what I did. I made it safely to first and kept on running. As I approached second a guy was gathering the ball so I slid to the base safely. Then I got clobbered real good in the side of my head but I was safe at second. I would later score the first run of the game and I was having a blast.

When my team took the field I headed to left field. An extremely brisk wind was blowing from that direction. I figured that no one would be able to get the ball out my way so I didn’t have to worry about making an error. There were more errors than hits as a whole for the entire game. And that made the game that much more fun. It was a comedy of errors all afternoon long.

About my third attempt at the plate I attempted to bunt but they catcher got to the ball quickly and was running me down. I abruptly halted my forward process and we ran past me but not far. As I pivoted to avoid the tag I began to tumble head over foot cartwheel style twice. I landed on my butt amazingly without injury.

Eventually, I got bored doing nothing in left field and took over pitching. I first play came to me and I ran the woman down for a tag out. The second batter kicked a line drive right at me which I caught. But that one stung for 5 minutes or so. Now, that I was in the mix of things I was really having fun.

Then in the last inning of plate things got a bit crazy for me. I had been on second base when the ball was put into play. I got to third base and as always I just kept running. As I was approaching home plate the catcher scooped up the ball. He was 2 feet away and through the ball my way. But low to the ground and I jumped and avoided the out and I scored. As my left leg landed my ankle twisted and gave out. This caused my knee to come crashing to the ground and removed a nice patch of skin. Let’s just say I sat there for a while before getting up and shaking it off.

But we scored and as long as I could walk it was all good and I received only a minor ankle sprain. The game was called a tie even though I believed that I had scored the winning run.

Some of us decided to meet at a bar called Skybox which was close to the Fort Lowell park where we had played. I went and I was glad that I did because my night Meetup was a spiritual ceremony at a Sweet Lodge.

I didn’t understand the ceremony very well but I ended up sitting next to a woman who grew up on a native American reservation. She explained how the process worked and what to expect. This allowed to be better prepared for the Sweat Lodge experience which would change my life in a positive way big time.

Too be continued…What say you?

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