Living Beyond Death Day 12

Living Beyond death - SpiritualityThis post is part of an ongoing series where I reflect on my life as a caregiver for the love of my life Geraldine E Vigna, she died on 12/27/2012. It also includes stories about my life after her death and others observations.

I have created what I call Urban’s New Journey. The idea here is to get off of my apartment at least once a day and to also get out of my head in the process. I am doing things that I have wanted to do for a long time and as a caregiver I was not able to accomplish.

I am also taking on new topics and activities as a way to meet new people. You see ,Geri was my only friend, as long as I had Geri I didn’t need anyone else. Well, when she died I lost my only friend. So I am making a daily effort to modify this portion of my life. And relationships are being birthed on a regular basis. Then I blog about my experiences so that others might benefit from them. It’s working for me and I hope that it will work for you as well.

Living Beyond Death Day 12

I have found it very difficult to write about Day 12 of Urban’s New Journey, as it was a bummer of a day. In fact, I haven’t written anything since last Tuesday. Things were going so smoothly for me that I forgot that life can smack you upside your head at anytime or at any place.

Tuesday, was a basic normal day for me as I slept in and did house related chores all afternoon. I am finally getting to get caught up with sleep. During Geri’s dying days and after her death sleep was often not easy to come by.

Then around 5:00 pm I took off for a Meetup event. Now, in the past I would never drive during rush hour unless it was an emergency, but I was ignoring this today. And it was something that I would end up regretting.

I was heading north on Craycroft approaching Speedway as the light was changing. I continued into the intersection under a yellow light. The problem was the truck in the turn lane wanted access to the intersection at the same time. As it pulled forward I was forced to swerve into the other lane. That line had traffic backed up due to a stopped city bus. This mad for a real dicey situation.

By exhibiting driving skills that I didn’t know that I possessed I was able to avoid a collision. I remained extremely calm as if I had ice running through my veins. I was so calm during this near collision that I surprised myself. However, as I drove further down that road I realized that I had barely avoided a multiple vehicle pileup. It was then that I became a bit unglued. I was not pleased that I had chosen to go against my position not to drive during rush hour. I made a mental note to go back to my old approach and to avoid rush hour like it was the plague.

The Meetup group was being held at Unity of Tucson. The event was about spirituality and astrology. The event was scheduled for 5:30 pm, but when I arrived there was a signed said that it would start 2 hours later. Well, I wasn’t going to wait so I went home.

So my day was basically a bust. I have since left several comments on the groups site suggesting that they should change the starting time, but that hasn’t happened yet!

What say you?

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