Green House Cleaning Tip – The Pumice Stone

Pumice Stone House Cleaning Tips BlogToday’s bathroom cleaning tip is using a pumice stone to clean those toilet rings. These rings are very common in areas like Tucson where the water has high TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) in the water. This is especially true since much of the water now comes from the CAP (Central Arizona Project) from the Colorado River.

The toll presented in this video is the pumice stone which is a great tool for removing calcium buildup in your toilet. The video leaves out a tip that makes the use of the pumice stone much easier. Removing the calcium can be hard work even when using the pumice stone. But this tip will make the job much easier.

http://cockeyed.com_lessons_toilet_ring_toilet_ring.phpYou simply need to break up the ring cleaning into two separate cleaning sessions. With the first cleaning you simply want to scrub off the top most layer of the build up and call it good. This will expose the softer calcium layers. Normal flushing over the next week or so will losing up the calcium deposits. Then you will want to do another pumice stone cleaning session. You will find that the flushing has weakened the calcium deposits and the final cleaning will be much easier than the first session.

When you are finished your toilet should look like this. Green Cleaning Toilet And as far as I am concerned this is a much better and greener approach to removing calcium build-up. You could use harsh chemicals but they are not very good for the environment or for you. Or you could move to a place that doesn’t have hard water like where I grew up. I didn’t discover toilet rings until I moved to Arizona!

What say you?

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2 thoughts on “Green House Cleaning Tip – The Pumice Stone

  1. Thanks for the tip on cleaning mirrors. I am going to get me some of these microfiber pads and give them a try. I appreciate for post.

  2. Well, I for one, live in a hard water area and I have definitely been looking for a green house cleaning tip for those nasty rings. This one works well, thanks.

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