Questions To Ask Before Hiring A House Cleaning Service – What Method Will You Use To Making A Buying Decision?

Green House Cleaning Tucson LogoThis is the third post in a series that I call Questions To Ask Before Hiring A House Cleaning Service. Today, I will be exploring three of the most commonly used method for making a cleaning service buying decision.

I should note here that I am generally addressing individuals who are seeking to acquire regularly scheduled service. There are two very basic ways that people use in the decision making process when purchasing home cleaning. They will call on the phone or email and ask or demand a cleaning service price. Often they expect a price sight unseen. The third method requires an in home consultation.

Unfortunately house cleaning services in Tucson is a very competitive market and many providers go along with phone and email pricing requests. I have used this method myself to gauge the price of other services. I recently needed a water pump replaced on my car and I called around to get prices. But this method would have not worked well if I did not know what the mechanical problem was.

If I had gotten a “check engine” message on my dash this would have required a diagnostic test be preformed. It would be impossible to provide a valid estimate over the phone or by email. Running a diagnostic test to get the codes that explain the problem is the first step in resolving the issue. Once the mechanic knows what the problem is then they can provide an accurate bid for services.

Cleaning a home is no different in this regards. The cleaning service provider needs to see the condition of the home to determine an accurate rate for services. Ever person and every home are different. The potential customer may have items that need special attention or areas that they only need cleaned occasionally. These things cannot be determined without a visit to the home.

The home could be a disaster area that reeks of animal urine. You will never truly be able to understand the scope of the problems without actually visiting the property. People who are accustomed to living with a cluttered or dirty home tend to underestimate the work that needs to be accomplished. They also may fail to mention that they have three small children, a dog, and a cat.

This is why I do not provide estimates by phone or by email. There just isn’t an accurate way to bid for the services required without meeting the customer in person and in their home. Another advantage is that you get to meet your cleaning professional and they get to meet you. Both should be able to determine if a working relationship is possible. However, this method may not work very well if you are using a large company that sends out sales staff and not your actual cleaner.

Yes, the drawback is that it takes times to have an in home consultation, but it greatly benefits both parties involved. Over the years I have talked with many people who have hired over the phone or by email that were not satisfied with who showed up at their home. So if you are looking for a regular scheduled cleaning service I would suggest taking the time to do several in home consultations prior to making a decision.

Yes, this process does take more time but aren’t your families saftey and home worth the extra effort?

What say you?

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