Goodbye My Geraldine, My Friend, My Lover

Green House Cleaning Tucson Geri V

I have written this announcement several times previously on this blog. Each time I had forgotten to login. So when I push the publish button WordPress went to the login page and my post was lost. Today, I am writing it in Word first so that it will not be lost again. Writing that you loved one, your soul-mate, died is hard enough. Doing the same sad task over and over is downright painful.

My reality is that my life partner, Geri, is no longer with me. She had been critically ill since October of 2009. In fact, in March of 2010 she was given three months to live. But she bounced back nicely until this September. Then she developed severe lower back pain. It was discovered to be cancerous and growing into a nerve bundle at her spine. This diagnosed occurred at the end of October.

She immediately began radiation treatments in November. Unfortunately, she was severely burned during the radiation treatments. This required be hospitalized for another week. Eventually she returned home only to be hospitalized again within a week or so. This was her farewell tour. She was taken to TMC by paramedics on A Friday. By Wednesday she was in hospice and on Thursday she was gone.

I lost my best friend and companion that day. She was my only friend as she was all that I needed, wanted, or desired. Geraldine completed me. I am a much, much better person for having had her in my life for 12 years. I often told her that she was the wind beneath my wings that allowed me to soar.

I am writing this post 7 weeks after her death, yet, the pain is still vibrant and throbbing from time to time. The biggest trigger is music and that will likely never change. I am currently listening to Katty Perry which she turned me onto at age 56 and I liked her music big time. Imagine that! But often her music reminds me of Geri and I cry.

A lot has happened since her passing. I have moved out of our rental home. This means I’m a bachelor again! That sucks! I downsized my life and had an estate sale and purchased another car for my soon to be started again business. I had that car stolen and returned by the police 26 hours later but it was slightly damaged and used in many crimes. And I have meet lots of interesting people while searching for a place to live.

I am now working on what I call “Urban’s New Journey.” On this journey I have committed to doing something, anything away from my new apartment. Today, was Day 5 of Urban’s New Journey.

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