Questions To Ask Before Hiring A House Cleaning Service – Who Do I Hire?

Green House Cleaning Services TucsonThis is the second post in a series that I call Questions To Ask Before Hiring A House Cleaning Service. The first post provided a list of questions that you should consider asking before you hire a home cleaning service in Tucson or anywhere.

Today’s topic is Who Do I Hire? It could have just as easily been called how do I chose a house cleaning service provider. Well, the first place that many people seek is advice from friends or family. This approach is known as Word of Mouth referrals.

This is likely the most used method for finding a reliable service provider. It doesn’t make any difference if you are looking for a cleaning service or a plumber. People like and seek advice from people that they know. And it makes a lot of sense for most people. Heck, someone you know and trust used a company and got good results so you can expect similar results, Right?

Well, I don’t know about you but this method has worked about 50% of the time for me. That means that about 50% of the time it has not worked for me. I have found when it comes to cleaning services that referral satisfaction rate is much lower.

I have previously owned 2 other cleaning companies in the past. I discovered the personal recommendation rate to be about 70% unsuccessful based on what my clients have told me. And there are many good reasons why cleaning recommendations fail.

The biggest reason is that everyone has a different view on what a good cleaning actually is. Then personality comes into play. You friend may like a particular person who cleaned their home but you can’t stand the quirks. Or maybe they take personal calls while at your home. That might be ok for your friend but is a deal breaker for you.

You name the reason and I have likely heard it over the years. One of the biggest problems is often success and how people manage success. You have a person or company that performs great work and the word gets out. Then they end up taking on way too many customers. Then they cut corners to save time so they can get to the next customer. You end up with less than stellar service.

You could use services like Google or Yelp reviews to hear what others are saying about service providers. However, many, if not most reviews are fake. The reviewer is a hired service or they simply created the reviews themselves. Both Google and Yelp have problems sorting the chaff and figuring out which reviews are real or not. They often accept fake reviews and eliminate legitimate ones.

It’s really hard to determine what reviews are legitimate. And the process of writing a review is a multi step process. Both Google and Yelp use a process that requires becoming a member. Only after you have set up an account can you leave a review.

This means that there are only two groups of people who will leave legitimate reviews. They are those who experienced the best possible service ever and those who are angry over extremely bad service. So using reviews to gauge a company’s quality can be an iffy proposition.

You could simply use your favorite search engine to find businesses and start there. But a website no matter how nice does not assure that you will receive a quality cleaning experience.

Then you have to decide to you hire an individual or a company. There is one really good reason to go with an individual. You know who is coming to your home and over time you may develop a relationship. After all, they will be coming to your home on a regular basis. If you hire a company they likely cannot guarantee who will be at your home for each cleaning. If you are expecting Sally and Sue shows up that can be a problem for many people.

As I mentioned in the first post choosing a cleaning service is all about expectations. If you are going to be home during the cleaning process you should consider hiring someone who will be there all the time. If you are not going to be present you will want to consider hiring a franchise company. For these people, it really doesn’t matter who arrives as long as the job gets done.

If you are going to be there do you want to hire one person or a cleaning crew? I am personally uncomfortable when I crew shows up if they are going to be entering my home. If they are doing yard work I’m ok with that.

In the next post, Questions To Ask Before Hiring A House Cleaning Service – What Method Will You Use To Making A Buying Decision?, I will be exploring three options for choosing a service.

What say you?

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  1. This article is very informative and will help me in getting my home clean as I recently shifted my home to new one. I want my home to be cleaned by professionals so that It can get beautiful look. It’s my dream home.

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