It’s the 27th Of The Month Again

Again my post has nothing to do with house cleaning or green cleaning tips.

Yes, it’s the 27th of the month again! While this means likely means nothing to you. However, it is a very real and sad time for me. Let me explain. You see 10 months ago the 27th of December 2012 my life partner, Geraldine die. Thus the 27th has become an emotional date for me. Green House Cleaning Tucson

This date will eventually lose its power over my emotions, but that is still a ways off. For now, I struggle and weep bitterly on this day. I do not enjoy this date at all. Some months have been easier as it occurred during the work week when my attention is full of the tasks for that day.

Yes, being busy helps a lot. But on this month the 27th fell on a Sunday when I didn’t have much of anything to do. So I ended up spending much of the early afternoon weeping and in full blown sorry. I was actually surprised by how distraught that I had become.

Fortunately there is a drum circle at Himmel Park that meets for a few hours in the late afternoon. Since it is close by I hopped on my bike to seek out their rhythmic beats. I don’t own a drum and seldom drum at these events. No, I go to dance and this has been very therapeutic for me.

Today, however, I was tired and did feel much like dancing. So I decided just to lie on the grass and listen. What occurred next surprised me. The music lifted me into a trance like state when I closed my eyes and thoughts. I was flooded with peace and witnessed a vivid display of swirling colors. I can best compare this to an LSD trip.

My experience is what is known as entering an alpha state which can produce a trance like experience. I was truly blown away by this situation that I found myself in. And the net result was that I arrived at a place of peace. The turmoil and grief drifted away with those musical rhythms.

It was way better than letting my mind focus on last year when Geri was battling cancer at a local medical center. What happened happened and all the sorry in my heart will never change that. I simply need to accept it and move on. This is easy to say, but much more difficult to live.

So how was your Sunday?

What say you?

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What Say You?

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