Cleaning Ideas From Consumer Reports

Green House Cleaning TipsI have read Consumer Reports off and on over the past decades. And I don’t ever remember reading much about cleaning or cleaning products. The only thing that I recall discovering is reports on laundry products.

Recently, However, I picked up a copy of the September 2013 issue. There I discovered an article titled “The right stuff for cleaning” which I immediately began to read. Unfortunately, I can’t provide you a link as you must subscribe to the magazine to read the story online.

What I read was a real disappointment for me. For years I have read my articles in CR that provided many insights in the reviewed products. However, this article was merely a fluff piece. It simply mentioned the best tool for the job and little more. I thought that perhaps it would have provided a useful tip or two, but I was wrong. So I moved on.

The next page actually held some promise as it featured a product that can be used as a preventative cleaning tool. For me, prevention is the best form of cleaning. If you can prevent a mess from occurring in the first place then there is nothing to clean.

The product is called the Kockblume Spill Stopper. The product is designed to prevent boil over’s on the stove. It is basically a bowl shaped item with an opening in the middle. It acts as a pot lid of sorts. When it water begins to boil vigorously the rising fluid escapes into the opening and is collected in the bowl.

I thought that this was a great preventative solution as I am a multi-tasker that experiences many boil-over’s. However, CR disagreed with me on this issue. One of the negatives that were pointed out was the need a use a pot holder to remove the bowl. Duh, I have used pot holders to remove hot lids from pots for decades as I would rather not get burned. Yes the item could use a handle, but it appears to work as designed.

While I thought that this was a clever and useful item the price of $25.00 or so seems a little excessive.

What say you?

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