Bio-Touch What An Amazing Experience

Bio TouchBefore I begin discussing my wonderful Bio-Touch experience I figured that some background was in order. The love of my life, my soul-mate, Geraldine died last December. I was her sole caregiver and she was my only friend. Since her death my life has been full of bunches of stress, grief, and confusion.

I already had a myriad of minor illnesses in my life but I was able to overlook and ignore them as I attended to her needs. After her death these illnesses roared back into the center of my life. The stress associated grief and starting my life anew only compounded these physical and mental conditions.

By the time the 11th month (November 2013) after her death rolled around I was a not doing so well both physically and mentally. Usually, I was dealing with multiple conditions during any one day. I found it extremely difficult to be my cheerful and positive self. Add to these situations the fact that I don’t have access to medical care (think insurance here.) Yes, I was desperate and praying often for any kind of a practical solution.

Then last Friday I asked my wonderful roommate Colleen what she was doing that weekend. She mentioned that she was going to a 2 day training seminar on a subject known as Bio-Touch. When I express interest in the training she provided me more background about this touch therapy. It’s kinda like acupressure without the pressure.

At this point I was more than willing to attend a healing related seminar. I figured I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. And god bless her, Colleen, picked up the tab for the training. Thus I spent the weekend learning how to perform Bio-Touch.

This touch therapy is also similar in many ways to EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques.) The primary difference is that EFT is a self touch therapy process whereas Bio-Touch involves someone else touching various points on the body.

I thought the training was very good but we never experienced a complete Bio-Touch session during weekend. By the end of the training on Sunday I was certain of 2 things. I wanted to complete a full session and that I wanted to start working on hands-on training at the center. Thus I volunteered to become an intern and set up an appointment for orientation on Monday.

After I completed the orientation I asked if I could experience my first Bio-Touch session. My request was granted. A volunteer, Patricia would be my associate. An associate is the individual that performs the touch therapy. I should note here that everyone providing Bio-Touch is a non paid volunteer.

Bio-Touch is a very simple touch therapy that involves a butterfly like touch to certain points on the body. These points are lightly touched for around 6 to 8 seconds using only two fingers. The points touched are based on the specific physical problem that is being addressed. The process is so easy to master that children can easily pick up the process.

At the beginning of the session Patricia took the time to explain how she has benefited from the therapy. Then she inquired about my physical need before she began. All sessions begin with a greeting process. I explained about Geri’s death, my grief, stress, and current physical problems that I would like addressed.

Patricia explained that she always works on the stress points because we all have stress. Then she moved onto addressing the areas where I had expressed need assistance with. For me, it was a very powerful and peaceful experience. I had someone, a very compassionate volunteer providing touch therapy based solely on my need.

It’s hard for me to articulate how powerful this experience was for me on so many levels. Touch, compassionate touch has been a void in my life since Geri’s death. So as Patricia moved through the session tears began to pour from my eyes as stress left my being.

The entire session lasted about 20 minutes. When it was over I found that I was experiencing a peace that I have not known in a long time. The abdominal pain and discomfort that I arrived with had also subsided.

If you are interested in learning more about Bio-Touch you can visit them at If you would like to set up a free session you can give them a call at 520-323-7951. You will be glad that you did.

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