Amazon Local Comes A Calling

Green House Cleaning TucsonYes, that Amazon is seeking my business, not my personal business, they want to sell me a marketing product call Amazon Local. Until Sunday, I had never heard of Amazon Local. Then I received an email from them asking for 5 minutes of my time to explain their program. I was intrigued so I started clicking around the net to ascertain what this product was all about.

I quickly discovered that Amazon Local is their version of daily deals which are similar to what is offered by companies like Groupon. Finding the cost of using the service without calling Amazon would prove to be a more difficult search as I came up empty with this quest.

I often am frustrated by solicitations from these companies that cast such a wide net in search for customers. If  any representative from Amazon has actually visited my website they would have quickly learned that I am not a candidate for daily deal programs. As a one person operation operating in a niche cleaning market I am not prepared to a large influx of new business. My business model of providing a free in home estimate prior to performing services precludes the use of daily deals.

My business is geared to assisting those that need, want, and desire to have a clean home but who can no longer preform these tasks themselves. It is about establishing long term relationships and making a difference. I am not set up to offer one time cleaning of homes that haven’t been cleaned in a very long time.It is also true that daily deals are for bargain hunters that seldom turn into repeat customers. This is not the market that I need, want, nor desire.

So after doing my research I had quickly determined that Amazon Local was not for my business. Then I got a call from an Amazon Local employee today. After she introduced herself I quickly indicated that I was not interested in the service that she was offering. Ignoring my response, she then inquired if I knew what Amazon Local was. I replied with a yes and then said a polite good-bye. As I was hanging up I could hear her grinding away with her pitch.

Now, I have used Amazon many times and I like the company. However, I don’t like it when Amazon and other companies cold call me and offer products that are not suited to my needs. Oh, well, this experience gave me something to write about. It did leave me wondering how many small business will fall prey to the Amazon pitch and regret their decision later.

Amazon and other similar sites go after the price shopper that is only loyal to a low price point only. In business schools this approach is often referred to as the Chinese approach to business. This approach is about selling as many products or services at the lowest possible price in high volumes. It is a method that leads to disaster for many small businesses. It’s kinda like Happy Hour at the pub. The place is packed for the low cost drinks and when the price goes back up the patrons leave. I am not interested in these kinds of customers. So do beware business owners when Amazon comes a calling!

What say you?

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