From Grief To Joy In 2014

Geraldine Elva VignaAs some of you may already know, the Love of my life, Geraldine Elva Vigna died on 12/27/2013. And the year 2013 was a time of grieving, anger, sorrow, and confusion for me. I ended up moving 4 times while seeking a quiet place to heal.

With this in mind, I have determined that in the year 2014 I will move from grief into joy. I also realized that this is not a journey of solitude. There will be an ever expanding group of individuals that I will encounter and who will become part of this journey.

I will not lie 2013 was the most difficult year in my life which spans almost 6 decades. However, throughout the year I built a foundation of friends, acquaintances, and groups that will assist me in bridging the chasm between grief and joy.

At the time of Geri’s death she was my only friend and I had no support group. I had been her sole caregiver and this extracted a high toll on my everything. We were very content with this arrangement until the day arrived when I stood alone. I was in a heap of trouble as a solitary individual. So I began the process of reaching out and becoming active in my community.

Now, I want to recognize the groups and people of have greatly impacted my life since Geri’s death. The first group that I encountered was the Moonlight Drum Circle. People there lead me to a wonderfully healing punch called Global Chant. Then, I eventually hooked up with the folks with the musical group, One Heart Beat. Later, in the year I became involved with the touch therapy group, Bio-Touch. All of these groups and individuals played a huge role in my recovery.

The major focus for me in 2014 is too establish an attitude of gratitude. I attempted this last year but the grip of grief was too strong. Then when Thanksgiving Day rolled around I started to consider gratitude again. I determined that I would combine gratitude with affirmations.

I had heard someone speak early in 2013 about using gratitude as a way to pay forward for things that she wanted to happen that year. She was basically being thankful for things that had yet to occur. That struck a chord in my heart when I heard it and I now was ready to apply it.from grief to joy

I started out by simply making a list of things that I was grateful for. At the time the list was quit short. Then as 2014 rolled my way I decided to infuse my gratitude list with affirmations with gratitude. For me, it was like affirmations on steroids. Here is an example “I, Urban G. Scurry, affirm with gratitude that I will grow my circle of friends and acquaintances vastly in 2014.” Not only was I indicating to myself my desire but that desire had expectations of fulfillment.

The list of gratitude’s and affirmations with gratitude now spans 5 pages of a Word document. It motivates me to be a better more proactive person. Give it a try, for at least 21 days and see what happens.

What say you?

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What Say You?

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