Gratitude Revisited

As many of you know, the love of my life Geri died in December of 2012. Thus I spent the whole of 2013 moving through the grieving process. Then came Thanksgiving Day rolled into my life which prompted me to take a look at another look at gratitude. About that time, I decided that in 2014 I was going to move from grief to joy.

I refer to this approach as “Moving from Grief to Joy in 2014.” The central approach of this was the creating and vocalizing affirmations. But prior to doing the affirmations I would go over a list of things that I am grateful for first. Then I would approach my affirmations with gratitude.

I first heard about these affirmations with gratitude in early 2013 and I liked the idea. But grief kept me from fully applying them in my life at that time. For me it was a process of paying things forward. While I am grateful for what I have there are many things that I desire to be part of my life that are not currently present.

For me, doing affirmation with gratitude is a process of letting the universe know what my desires are. The gratitude part simply seals the deal in advance.

Well, after 1 month I can happily report progress and unexpected changes in my daily life. My overall inner peace has grown exponentially. It is simply the net effect of putting good stuff into my brain.

The list of what I am grateful for and the affirmations with gratitude was grown to over 7 pages of a Word document. It takes me about 20 to 25 minutes to read verbally express all of these. Then I spend an hour or two daily on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Google images scouring for images to share.

The net result again is a much more positive and grateful person known as Urban. You cannot spend 2 to 3  a day attempting to become a better person without it having some quality results. I have realized some of my affirmations already which is a very good thing.

But it is the peace that reigns in my soul that I value the most. The feedback from those who I know in person and online runs a close second. I hadn’t given much thought to how my shares on Facebook and Google+ were affecting others. That was until people started speaking to me in person about how they enjoyed “that gratitude thing” that I was doing.

The first person to mention it was one of my house cleaning customers. She related how much she appreciated those things I put on Google+. Her voice cracked and tears were in her eyes as she related what they meant to her. Then she went on about how she had to share these with her friends. I was very pleasantly surprised by her reactions. This was the first of many similar encounters.

Something that I was doing to get over the death of my beloved Geraldine was having an unintended positive consequence on others. Then I came across this image that made me stop and Revisit Gratitude.

Gratitude Revisited

After reading this one I still have much work to do.

What Say You?

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What Say You?

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