I Don’t Provide Move Out House Cleaning Services Tucson

House Cleaning TucsonIt’s quickly becoming the rental move out season in Tucson as students close out the spring semester. So I figured that it was time to update my blog. House Cleaning Tucson does not provide rental move out services.

My service is geared towards busy professionals, disabled, and seniors that need, want, and desire a clean home. The whole idea here is not just to provide a cleaning service. No, my desire is to affect a positive change in people’s lives by proving regular scheduled green friendly cleaning services.

Recently, I had the privilege to work for an 88 years old Greek gentleman who was attempting to stay out of a long term care facility. Unfortunately, he was hospitalized and never returned home again. In the few months that I cleaned his home we became close. He loved to share his life history with me and I enjoyed his stories as I cleaned.

He grew up in a Greek family in Douglas, Arizona. He would eventually speak 8 languages 5 of them fluently. He moved to New York City and was involved in theater. I was fascinated by his life stories and he appreciated that I actively listened. We often talked about life and death. During this time together he lost a sister and I was able to share in his grief and to provide support. All while providing green friendly service.

I even became his advocate when his caregivers where not properly cleaning up his incontinence. This immediately improved his quality of life. Oh MY God, I was really proud of that. The quality of his life during his last few months at home improved vastly. I don’t get that kind of reward doing move-outs…. Enough said!

What Say You?

House Cleaning Tucson
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What Say You?

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