Sometimes Memories Leak Out Of My Eyes

2014-04-24_1545Thursday’s are currently my unofficial day off from work outside the home. As many of you know I operate House Cleaning Tucson. However, in the evenings and nights I also work very part-time for a commercial janitorial service, just not on Thursday’s. Today, is my day to clean around the home, do laundry, garden, and run errands. This frees me for the weekend music events that I love to attend, listen, and dance.

It also seems to be the day when sometimes memories leak out of my eyes. As many of you know the love of my life, Geraldine, moved on during the month of 12/2012. And her memories flood my presence when I start listening to Adele radio on Pandora. Yes, it’s those beautiful love songs that bring forth the leaking. Yep, it all begins with the songs that we shared together and the songs from our last few months that bring forth the leaks.

What Say You?

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What Say You?

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