Almost Another Urban

Maker HouseI have been attending a gathering called Sacred Spaces recently at the Maker House in downtown Tucson. The Maker House is located in an old mansion downtown that once housed the Mountain Oyster Club. This place is a great venue that is worth exploring as it offers a wide variety of activities and programs.

One of the many groups that take advantage of the venue is called Sacred Spaces. This group focuses on compassion and spirituality. They meet every Sunday from 4:30 to 6:30. During the cooler months they meet in the beautiful patio which actually has grass. Now, we all meet inside.

It was there that I “Almost meet another Urban.” Yes, I said almost. I struck up a conversation with a woman named Nancy, When I told her my name was Urban. She stated “Urban is a great name. I like the name Urban. I said “Really!” She responded “yes, I had an uncle named Urban and I wanted to name him Urban. Sadly, I was vetoed by my husband and we named our son Justine.”

I could see the disappointment on her face and hear it in her voice. I went on to explain that my name had been very good to me. Then a bounding young boy appears and I witnessed my first Almost Urban. I wondered how different his life would have been as an Urban rather than Justine. Amazingly the boy wore glasses as I did as a child and he reminded me of myself.

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