Why I Perform Sage Smudging

SmudgingAs many of my readers already know the love of my life Geraldine died in late 2012. And that’s where my smudging story begins. I was her sole caregiver and after she died so did my caregiver role. Yet, I still had this huge need to give to others. And I spent much of 2013 searching for a new way to give freely to others.

Then in October I re-connected with Tony Marotta the leader the hand drumming group One Heart Beat. Tony and I go back to the late 70’s but I had not seen him in over 30 years. I had been attending one of their monthly full moon jams. He provided me with some sage and asked me to smudge the event. Smudging involves the burning of sage. It is used in Native American purification ceremonies.

What Tony didn’t know is that I used to make smudge sticks and sell them on Fourth Avenue. I also used to attend many music festivals where I performed smudging. It has always amazed me when I observe the healing power of sage at work. Everyone who I smudged expressed their gratitude with words, smiles, and hugs. It is a beautiful experience.

But I had not performed smudges for over a decade when Tony asked me to perform at his events. Originally he provided the sage, but when his supply dwindled I discovered some good sources and started purchasing it myself.

Now, the sage ceremony, when performed on myself had no discernible effect. However, that is not so for those who receive this blessing from me. I literally watch people being transformed in front of me as they are smudged.

It seems to be an especially powerful experience for those who have experienced the death of a loved one. I know of half dozen or so members of the group that have lost a spouse. These folks seek me out on a regular basis to be smudged. I also have observed its positive effect on those suffering from PTSD. These are just a few examples of why I smudge. Smudging simply allows me to bless other people who are hurting in some way.

Now, I am aware that some people don’t like the smell of sage. And I attempt to accommodate them at all times. Well, that’s it. I smudge to bless others.

What say you?

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What Say You?

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