Making A Difference

2015-03-27_0753What an interesting week this has been for me. As many of you know I write for and do marketing and PR for Grammy’s Farm. But I also do a wide variety of other things. I own and operate House Cleaning Tucson, a green friendly house cleaning service. As part of my services I also offer organizing support.

In fact I provide a wide variety of services that include Search Engine Optimization and companion or caregiver services. Recently, I posted that I had several cancellations for this month and I was needing work. Well, my friends stepped to the plate. And I will be working 5 of 7 days this week. And next week is filling up quickly.

I like what I do because my focus is on making a difference in people’s lives and not merely providing a service. This week I helped a friend clean her home to get it ready for the arrival of her vacationing teen-aged daughter. It was a joy to observe a mother’s love for her daughter and her anticipation for her return. Priceless.

Then on two different days I assisted to people get their lives and home organized as they both headed on new adventures. I witnessed the sorry of one remembering a close friend and client who had died. My friend made custom clothes for this person and was now transitioning away from that business.In the organizing process she came upon some projects that she had done for her friend…. She cried…. It was a very tender moment.

Then another friend needed help organizing her kitchen as she embarked on a major life style change. She was giving sugar the boot and needed some help getting the process rolling. She was alive with energy and anticipation of a healthier lifestyle. Her enthusiasm was contagious.

Then today, I cleaned a home for a woman that is wheel chair bound. So what she is capable of doing, as far as cleaning, is limited. She also has a big black dog that sheds everywhere. I was amazed by how well she kept her home but she needed help. On days like today, the clean, just looks cleaner when I done. It was truly about making a difference. In fact, this whole week has been about making a difference.

I was truly amazed by this woman’s positive attitude about life. It was a joy to help her. Did I say how grateful I am… Got to meet some very special people this week and to make a few shekels in the process…

What say you?


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