Free Flu Shots Coming Up In Northwest Tucson

Hell-o Tucson,

I came across this on Twitter and thought that it was worth sharing. An organization, Northwest Healthcare, will be providing a free drive-through flu shot clinic. Now, my first though was “How strange!” I have seen these drive through clinics previously and thought that this was a strange concept.

The idea of getting shots in my arm in a drive through environment seems really strange to me. Getting shots often brings up memories from my childhood when I passed out after getting an antibiotic shot. Thus getting behind the wheel after a shot in the arm appears as an odd concept for me. But I still think that this one is worth sharing.

The clinic will be held at 7 to 9 a.m this Thursday, October 18th at Continental Reserve Urgent Care, 8333 N. Silverbell Road. Now, this is nowhere close to where I live so I will likely pass on this one. As a caregiver I would like a free shot since I don’t have medical insurance. However, I am not willing to cross Tucson in rush hour to accomplish this task.

What say you?

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