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Guest Bloggers Welcome – Green House Cleaning Tips Blog

I have been receiving a lot of requests from companies and individuals that what to be guest bloggers for this blog. That’s why I titles this post, Guest Blogger’s Welcome If. It’s the “If” part that potential guest bloggers should pay attention too. This blog is about marketing this business and providing useful tips and insights about house cleaning. It’s not about promoting your business directly. I will allow one bio link along with your business citation information.

Please allow me to explain further. Today, I got a request from from a cleaning service in Portland Oregon. They wanted to provide me a post that only promoted only their business. Well, if that’s the best that you have then I am not interested. I have no desire to promote other related businesses, especially those from another city. That would be a recommendation that I don’t provide to any business that I have never worked with previously.

However, if you have a well written article that provides useful tips then I would definitely be interested in hearing from you. The post needs to be original content that has not been published anywhere else. If that’s sounds like you then please do contact me.

Update 10/14/2013: Over the months I have received many requests to be a guest blogger. Here’s the rub. All of the material that was presented to me was pure self promotional material. As I stated earlier I would like to have guest bloggers but only if you add value to this blog!!!!!!!!! Why is this concept so difficult for so many????????????

What say you?

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