Domestic Chores Tucson

As I have mentioned on other pages on this site I have experienced some life changing event during 2012. My soul-mate Geraldine who was already critically ill with a liver disease was diagnosed with cancer in October of 2012 She would eventually die on 12-27-2012.

As her only caregiver I could easier see how the home environment can deteriorate when someone becomes critically ill and requires a caregiver. Everything that isn’t an absolute essential item ceases as you focus on your loved one who is ill. Because of my own life experiences I have decided to offer other domestic services above and beyond my home cleaning services.

Here are some of the services that I offer.

Sorting your mail – To get rid of the junk and make sure the important stuff doesn’t get missed.

Do some laundry – As long as your not too fussy about proper folding I can assist with the laundry.

Do the dishes – I will clean them manually or put them in the dishwasher, and make sure they get put away.

Checking your meds and staples – I can make sure that you have all your meds and foods are available.

Grocery shopping – I can do basic grocery shopping.

Pharmacy visits – I can pick up your meds if needed.

Light yard maintenance – It can keep your yard well maintained and watered.

Pet walking – I can exercise and clean up after your pet.

This is just a small sample of the services that I offer to make your life easier.

For more information you may call 520-338-1975 in Tucson or email me.